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The Language Barrier

Global business, local-language support for e-commerce, and multicultural marketing campaigns all require a means to support customers, partners, suppliers and employees in multiple languages that is comparable to what is provided in English.

To reduce this language barrier, organizations seek a cost-efficient solution with minimal complexity. Local languages should be available immediately in concert with English content.

An Automated Real-Time Translation Solution addresses these challenges of local-language support and management for multilingual environments.


Multilingual Solutions

The Mesa Group offers Automated Real-Time Translation for local-language support for global business, e-commerce and customer support. Customized software solutions are available for

 » Web Sites

 » Multilingual Customer Support

 » Multilingual E-Commerce

 » High-volume Documentation

 » Global Corporate Communications

 » Rich-Media Content

 » US Hispanic Marketing & E-Commerce


Customization & Integration

Customers have specifically integrated the Automated Real-Time Translation software into:

 » Intranets & Portals

 » Search Engines

 » Real-Time Collaboration

 » Databases

 » Dynamic Web Sites

 » Content Management Systems